23rd February - Leeds

As Digital enters its third wave, re-think how your business can work. Join us for an exciting event in the evening on the 23rd February with leading Digital experts. Engage with them and

Meet the Experts
23rd February - Leeds


Can you enable your infrastructure like Google?


Enable the connection between technology and the customer experience

Dr. Jim

How can you stop Big Data from disrupting your business?


The enablement of story telling

Dave Allan

Experimentation and the Exponential Economy
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23rd February - Leeds

Unified tap and go location technology – for iOS and Android.

Unlike proprietary solutions such as Apple Pay, our patented BluetoothTap terminal makes it simple for customers to tap in, redeem offers, and more – using both Android and iOS devices. We will be demonstrating this technology at the event for registration and managing the bar tab!

Micro Data Centre – the fast route to innovation. Continuous delivery, ready to go.

Get a cutting-edge AWS infrastructure, up and running from day one. And all the help you need to establish a DevOps mindset.

Complete control. Instant insight.

UX Forms gives you powerful tools to create your own webforms – complete with detailed analytics that help you refine the customer experience, fast.


Taking Equal Experts to new heights

We’re heading into the stratosphere with a world record attempt. Our mission: achieve the highest altitude in horizontal flight by a winged aircraft.

Follow our progress at


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23rd February - Leeds
16:00 - 17:00
Royal Armouries, Leeds

Event registration and welcoming refreshments.

17:00 - 17:15
Opening remarks
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Andrew Pattinson

Andrew Pattinson introduces the day and explains the theme behind the conference.

17:15 - 17:45
Experimentation and the Exponential Economy - Keynote
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Dave Allan

Most leaders and managers today, feel a palpable sense of upheaval in the world around them. There is a collective sixth sense that something large, fast and disruptive is happening. Yet in dark moments it can feel like the world is passing you by.

Dave Allan founder of Innovation Company What if has been working in the field of innovation for the last 20 years. In his talk he will explore the forces that are re-writing our future and the opportunities and implications that this presents.


  1. Three major tectonic shifts that are driving unprecedented disruption in who we are and how we live and consume in the world today.
  2. The implications and opportunities for businesses astute enough to recognize and re-engineer for this shift and the opportunities to prosper in this new world order.
  3. Why this future requires a more open and experimental mode of working and some examples and provocations for businesses to take up this challenge.

To illustrate these points Dave will draw from What If’s 20 years of innovation experience from across a whole range of industries and markets landing theory in some pragmatic examples.

17:45 - 18:15
Building lasting bonds between consumers and brands and business
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Richard Calvert

There is a major risk of forgetting people in the rush to implement digital transformation - becoming transfixed by the technological, systems and operational elements of transformation and forgetting the opportunity. Which is to build ever closer, lasting bonds between consumers and brands and businesses.

The solution being cultural change built around staged proofs of concept - often outside the core systems - understanding that Marketing teams need to shift the way they work from planning and managing campaigns to telling stories in real time.

18:15 - 18:45
Running your infrastructure like Google
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Matt Barker

Containerisation technology like Docker has taken the tech world by storm. Companies like Uber, Ebay and Spotify have all talked publicly about how Docker containers have aided their development processes and sped their time to production.

Two years ago, and rather quietly, Google launched a tool called Kubernetes. This is an open-source version of a tool they had been using internally to deploy and manage over 2 billion containers a week. Kubernetes reflects all of the lessons learnt in running this system at scale.

This talk will explain the importance of the container movement, and where it is heading. It will investigate the business drivers and corporate strategy driving the market, and why you might be interested in running your IT infrastructure like Google.

18:45 - 20:00
Royal Armouries, Leeds

Dinner and an opportunity to mix with Digital experts.

20:00 - 20:30
What have Graph databases ever done for us?
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Jim Webber

What is a Graph database? How can a Graph databases help your business? There is a massive amount of noise about 'big data' and the amount of this data being generated. Business' all over the world are spending huge amounts of money assiduously collecting this data but is this enough? Will just having this data give your business the insight it needs or do you need a way to understand the complex relationships hidden in the data? Join Jim as he explores how Graph databases can help your business make sense of the huge amounts of data by uncovering the relationships hidden within.

20:30 - 21:00
A Digital Odyssey
Royal Armouries, Leeds
Julian Brown

Traditional Enterprise Architecture has done businesses no favours. Every year a picture of current complexity is presented to the CIO, along with a string of third party software packages that will fix it, and yet every year the sequence is repeated and complexity increases.

The Digital revolution in large corporations is a response to smaller competitors who get the connection between technology and customer experience and who are not hamstrung by the dominant forces of large consultancies and big software packages. In this talk Julian Browne talks about the sacred cows that must be killed and the spellbinding complexities that must embraced to build, scale and nurture a true digital business.

21:00 - 22:00
Digital Experts
Royal Armouries, Leeds

Opportunity to mix with Digital experts.

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23rd February - Leeds